Sunday, August 1, 2010

workin' girl

eeeee i'm sorry!! this blog post has been like a homework assignment. i kept putting it off longer and longer but the more i put it off, the more daunting it became and so that's why it's been 3 weeks.

ok so to sum up...

wait. where was i?? oh my god. we're so far back. ok i'll do this quickly.

MONDAY, July 12th - SUNDAY, August 1st

alrighty so here is what i've been up to in the last 3 weeks...

i had a lot of free time in between my interview and waiting to hear back from the job so i fiddled around the house a lot. making pasta!

one day i made Garnanelli, which are similar to penne but more delicate because they're hand-rolled. i made an spicy tomato sauce (Arrabiata) to go with it with- San Marzano tomatoes, pancetta, red chili flakes and fresh basil. honestly, and i'm not one to toot my own horn tooooo much, but it was one of the best pasta dishes i've ever made. tender, al dente and the sauce was perfect.

another day i made pesto and used one of the cut-settings for linguine. good lord! when you aren't rolling each piece one by one or folding and cutting each sheet, pasta is even easier than i thought! the pesto was great too. i used walnuts instead of pine nuts because the pine nuts were $16.99 for 8 oz!!!!!!! INSANE. and walnuts give the pesto a richer flavor, in my opinion.

the boys and i went to a Beirut show at the Guggenheim which was amazing! well, actually it wasn't AMAZING because 1. while the concept of being in the Guggenheim for a concert was awesome, the acoustics were awful. 2. it seemed like the Beirut boys were having a hard time and some of the songs sounded terrible.

BUT. despite those things it was a pretty fun evening. and a lovely venue.

when i wasn't up to my elbows in flour or seeing brassy indie bands at modern museums, i was spending lot of time with my new/old friends Megan and Jamie (UCSB alums) and Jamie's boyfriend Brandon who makes hats! Jamie and i spent a day at Brandon's hat shop Worth & Worth and tried on every hat style they had! my favorite was that wee top hat. i gathered up the boys and we went back to the hat shop around 11pm for a hat shop party which was about 7 of us listening to music, drinking overpriced, horrendous white wine, and wearing hats. what a hoot! we ended up at an irish pub around 2 and Jamie and i ruled the juke box for a few hours...we didn't make it to bed until 5...

after a week of fun and games, i was ready to WORK first thing monday morning...

and work i did! well, not exactly. i spent a lot of time training- sitting in rooms (COLD rooms) looking at power point presentations and taking notes. but it was fun! and it felt really good to be DOING something!!

on Friday i met up with Kate, my darling Nikki's darling sister for a Modest Mouse concert at the East River Park in Brooklyn. the view of the city was incredible, the humidity was insane and they only played 3 songs because of the crazy thunderstorm that hit! (look at how ominous the sky looks!!) no matter. Kate's got the hookup so we got in for freesies (w/VIP passes that we didn't use because we weren't there long enough!) boy oh boy the LIGHTENING!! the drama!

the boys and i had a super Swedish Saturday. we went to Ikea and then went to see The Girl who Plays with Fire. we finished the night with dinner at Frankies 17. outstanding meal and really the only one worth blogging about (besides my pasta, of course)

we started with the Frankies Antipasto, Chef’s choice of 2 each meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables & marinated olives- we had prosciutto, spicy soppressata, moliterno cheese, mountain gorgonzola and broccoli rabe and crimini mushrooms. for mains, i had House-made Cavatelli with Faiccos Hot Sausage and Browned Sage Butter Garret had Frankies Meatballs with Pine Nuts and Raisins and Nate had Sweet Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers and Onions over Creamy Polenta.


i would have taken photos but the restaurant was too dark. next time, i promise and there will be a a next time.

we finished off the night with Top Gun- which i had never seen (i know, i know.)

sunday was spent putting together all of our Ikea goods! of course we picked one of the most humid, miserable days of the summer to be hustling around the house sweating our faces off! but the pay off was totally worth it! check out my room! its totally livable now!!!

this week i:

- actually worked! answered emails and started on the phones!
- tried to do the master cleanse but i was getting up every 10 min to go to the bathroom and i felt weird about it (i'm new! it looked bad!) so i quit after half a day.
- celebrated Rob's birthday
- went out dancing with Jenny and Garret at a very cool hip bar in Soho
- met Brunson from work...

Brunson. Brunson is quite a character. from Charlston S. Carolina, flamboyant, bitchy, and hilarious. i sat and listened to him talk for like an hour after work on Friday and then he invited me out with him to go to some swanky, exclusive celebrity bars. sure.

we went to Le Bain at the top of The Standard where we were hanging with Marc Jacobs & his husband, Karen Oh from the Yeah Yeah Yeah, Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and models models models models models models models.

better than the view of the rich and semi-famous was the view of the city from rooftop patio. amazing. obviously i couldn't take photos. (it was hard enough to play it cool...)

next stop was Kenmare (i couldn't find a link for it...) but it was just as swanky. and another explosion of models.

got home at 5. it was a fun night but im not attractive, skinny, rich, or cool enough for those places. AT LEAST NOT YET!

saturday, the boys and i went to the P.S.1. Warm up Series at the P.S.1. Contemporary Art Center, an affiliate of the MOMA "which is one of the largest and oldest institutions in the United States dedicated solely to contemporary art", according to Wikepedia. the Warm Up Series is a music series in the summer with DJs and art and all kinds of awesome things including a kiddie pool with kiddies, and this netting/pole situation that made for some good photos. we stayed for a few hours and then headed home and watched Day Breakers (terrrrrrible Vampire movie) and Zombieland (hillllarioussssss zombie movie).

today i did nothing. oh, no, i made lemon bars!

so so sorry for the delay. i need to get into a groove of working and blogging.

thanks for still reading!