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this is like that dream i have all the time where i have missed class for 3 weeks and there is a paper due in the next day. clearly i have some avoidance anxiety issues...

the thing is though, i didn't even eat anything good at all in the last 5 months! lieslieslieslies

the other thing is though, it turns out its really hard to work 40 hours a week, try to have a social life and blog. i just want to live my life!

ok! now that i have given my 3 excuses lets just dive on in, shall we? im back on it and i wanna do this!!

since i wouldn't dream of putting any of my zillions upon zillions of readers through 5 months of stories and food photos im going to sum it up in 2 quick chapters. ready?

To make a long story short...

Chapter 1.) FALLish/Visitors

back in late August Bobby came to visit and we finally went to Katz!

i know, i know its touristy, but so fun and literally across the street.

fer reals kids, the pastrami is serious business and amazzzzzing! Garret and i shared a Pastrami Rueben with Pastrami, Russian Dressing, Saurkraut and Swiss cheese on rye.

behold! perfection!

i tried to capture the shiny, smoky meatiness of it the best i could. but truth? the best part was all them PICKLES! (nikkid i'm talkin' to you girl...) so plentiful! so many varieties!

worth $15? psssshh gimme a break. pretty damn good but no sandwich, unless it's foie gras stuffed with truffles smeared with caviar and dipped in gold is worth $15, inmyhumbleopinion...

we had the charming and talented James Kaelan on our couch for about a month which was a long, long time but honestly quite lovely! he was on our couch so much, in fact that he did an interview ON our couch (and around our neighborhood)! so cool!

yay Kaelan!

my parents came in September and we did lots of things. we ate more lardo than any person should, we went to Zabars, of course and it was still warm enough to leave the house in just a light shirt so we just did a lot of walking and seeing and EATING! other things we did included wandering into some street festival in Little Italy.
so many (mediocre) cannolis!

lets see... oh!

thennnnn my friend Sarah came to visit and it was also when my Grandma was here too so we went to Lombardi's which is the FIRST pizza place in America (so they say) and is also supposed to be the best pizza in New York. another touristy place but it was pretty good and very fun (as it should be, but not the best pizza in New York) Grandma doesn't even like pizza and she was into it so that should say something.

and thennnnnn stephanie AND lily came to visit on the same weekend! and i dont have any pictures of us eating things but i dooo have this picture of us doing this weird thing!

ok so we're at October, not bad... oh! it was Halloween and my work had a HUGE awesome, amazing party of which i have many photos but none that would truly capture the evening. i was a gypsy, and it was weird.

Chapter 2) Hey, Thanks!

first Thanksgiving without my real family although at this point i feel like Nate and Garret are as much as my 'family' as the blood kind. so we all gathered to give Thanks at Rob and Andrew's house.

Garret and i got up early and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade while i cooked. this is what we had!

whipped sweet potatoes with chives... mac n cheese....

brioche stuffing with apples and sausage.... haricots verts with chorizo and shallots....

mashed potatoes (riced with my potato ricer!)... cider gravy....

sage roasted turkey... brioche!...

not too shabby eh?!

well folks thats what i have today. its not my best work but im slowly getting back into the groove. i leave you with this:

stay up, Ramen!


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