Sunday, June 20, 2010

stuff i DIDN'T' eat at places bc i couldn't walk...

let me just preface this post by saying, it's a good thing i got my 'party on' on monday because i've been OUT of commission since then. also, i didn't eat anything worth blogging about. in fact, this post is has absolutely nothing to do with food. sad, sad, sad.

THURSDAY, June 17th

first day of training! i woke up ready to WORK! but before that i headed over to my new coffee shop/hangout/whatever spot The Bean to get some iced beverage and a snack before my shift. (it's not the best coffee ever but its got AC and internet access and they don't bug me. score.) since i was just heading over 2 blocks for a few hours i thought, 'hey why don't i put on my tall tall shoes and practice being a big girl in the big city! its just three blocks, i'll be fine!'

4inch steve madden cork platforms. easy!

all was going well until i got a text from Rob seeing if i wanted to get some eats and walk on back to Freemans to talk to them about the hiring issue. sure! sounds good! i can walk over there! its like...6 blocks! no prob!

wrong. big probz.

in the middle of Freemans alley i ate it. (i mean, it's cobblestone so...ya know...its hard, ok!?) my right heel went one direction and my right toes and top of my foot went the other. Rob tried to catch me but it was too late. the damage had been done.

i totally tried to play it cool. "no, no im fine. totally fine. i got it. fine, totally, fine. never been better! sooo totally fine." i could barely breathe.

after the longest walk of my life back to Vanessa's Dumplings for a snack and then homeward (living 2 flights up never hurt so much) i got inside to check out the damage and get ready for my first day of work (!!!!)

it hurt. bad. but it looked...okkk...?

i shoved my foot into my favorite black booties and attempted to walk the 10-12ish blocks to work. (i got a cab 2 blocks in)

3 hours later i was dying and on my way home...

what i shoulda done was stayed home and iced it and taken care of business...

what i did was meet up with Jenny at the SubMercer. we had excellent, sexy drinks and an excellent, sexy time. the only way to describe this place is sexy. dark dark dark, dungeon-like, beautiful people, great music. totally worth the pain. (or so i thought)

i wish had some photos but even the Beamer couldn't capture anything in the darkness. here are some pics of me and Jenny in the bathroom instead! (it was a very cool bathroom...)

we had a blast until around 3:30 and Jenny walked (and i hobbled) me home. went to sleep hopeful that i would wake up and my foot would be magically healed.

FRIDAY, June 18th

shit. woke up in TROUBLE and not at all healed. swollen, black and blue and in excruciating pain. i was supposed to go back to work to train but that was just NOT happening. i had to write a very embarrassing email to my new boss explaining that after working only 3 hours, i was calling in sick. ugh. a terrible first impression but since i could barely walk to the bathroom let alone across the street to Duane Reed to get an ice pack and an ace bandage, cocktail-ing would have been IMPOSSIBLE.

i spent the whole day cooped up inside RICE-ing (rest, ice, compression & elevation- with no health insurance this was my only option), watching Sex and the City (if i couldn't be out in the city i figured i might as well watch other people enjoy it..although i blame that stupid show for making all girls think they can wear tall shoes- it's just not so), and eating weird stuff in the fridge. a sad sad day.

Nate came home and was an excellent roommate by getting me out of the house and suggesting we see a movie (and taking a cab to get there...) (note: Nate walks extremely fast. my legs are maybe 5 inches longer than his i have to run to keep up with him on a normal day, so he was forced to slow down to like 25% of his usual gait...such a good roommate.) we went to see Iron Man 2 and then we took my poor foot out for a drink at Blue and Gold and our new favorite place, St. Dymphna's (i couldn't find a decent link for this place but its great. good beer selection, not crowded and in the bathroom they have black walls and chalk for you to write stuff!)

my foot and i had a lovely time, but by the time we got home the swelling and pain had come back in full force and i knew i had pushed it and had another day of being cooped up to look forward to...

SATURDAY, June 19th

despite my pain, i was starving and wanted to watch the world cup so i popped an ibprofen800 and we walked the 6ish blocks back to St. Dymphna's to watch Denmark v Camaroon, and had a beer and some snacks. Chicken Fingers and a Cheese Plate. meh. (not even good enough to "bold") about halfway through the game i started falling asleep. i think those ib800's make me realllllly drowsy so we headed home and i propped my foot up for the rest of the day. (another sad sad day)

Nate and i watched Hot Tub Time Machine (which is hilarious!!) and then Nate turned 27 at midnight (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!) and shockingly decided he'd rather be out celebrating his birth with beers and fast-moving friends instead of with ice packs and poor sad me. i mean, i didn't get it but to each his own...

i watched Doubt and went to sleep. sigh.

SUNDAY, June 20th

woke up sweaty and hot and HEALED!!!!!!!!!!! well, mostly healed. Andrew stayed the night on our couch/futon bed (you hear that visitors! we have a bed for you!) and Garret came home at like 6am so it was a full/fun house this morning!
we went to get (iced) coffee at 88 Orchard (again, no good link) and it was fucking HOT (sorry mom). like real real hot. the iced coffee was very welcomed. here is me being a trooper and walking around despite my stupid foot.

Andrew headed back over the bridge and G, Nate & i went to Belcourt and had birthday brunch with Nate. i got the Croque Madame with house-cured lamb ham, gruyère,mornay sauce and fried eggs that was kinda meh, Garret got Grilled Cheese and Sage Sandwich with organic tomato soup and mixed green salad that was pretty awesome and Nate got Vanilla and bourbon French toast with house made ricotta and New York State maple syrup that looked amazing.

the fun/funny thing about our brunch was that Liz Kelly ala UCSB (BFA-er, the witch in DLM's first musical Tomorrowland and all around good gal) was our waitress! small world!

back home to rest my foot, for Nate to nap and for Garret to go on a run and then we were off to Brooklyn (L train, Jefferson stop) for Rob & Andrew's BBQ Rooftop Party.
it was a blast. and the air up there on the roof was like no other air i've ever felt. a warm, fresh breeze with the smells of cooking lamb and pork and hawt dawgs. (after a few beers and a some other stuff i started doing this crazy Stanton Island/Long Island/Jersey accent that was cracking me and Garret up and most likely bugging the shit out of everyone else...)

since i didn't have any good food pics or food stories, here are some photos from the rooftop party. enjoy!

Hipstamatic/Quirky Beamer/mugshot pics
Andrew & Lindsey
Nate & Garret
Rob & Wray

xo L


  1. ok, I'm sure you've already heard it from your mom but you have to take better care of your body. you have no health insurance, and face it sister, you're just not that young anymore. As we get older we don't heal as fast.

  2. why on earth would someone your height think its okay to wear heals, give it up sista. You already look down on us all you really need 4 more inches?!