Sunday, June 13, 2010

frito pie, swedish furnishings & cereal milk

ahoy! welcome back. let's just jump right on in, shall we?

DAY 6: Friday, June 11th

woke up to a RUDE RUDE awakening. long story short the wall guys came way way earlier than we expected and i was hurting: (recall previous post: "then Rob Medkeff came over and we went out to do some drankin'. and we did!") clumsily and absolutely smelling like whiskey i moved my shit out of the way, showed them where to put the door to my "bedroom" (henceforth, when i refer to my room it will be in quotations because the normal idea of a bedroom does not apply in this situation because it is literally a room for my bed. and that is all.) and passed the f out in Garrets bed to sounds of hammering.

up at noon (whatever, ok!) to get ready for my first NYC job interview. whooo! a cafe in the east village. for a position i am grossly overqualified for. (i got it, duh, but im holding out for something better) at this point it was 3:30 and i hadn't had coffee or food and i was hung over! found Two Boots
two blocks from home and got a slice they call The Newman Soppressata & Sweet Italian Sausage on a White pie. i barely remember eating it, i was so hungry. (jk of COURSE i remember it- it's pizza people! it was delicious and exactly what i wanted)

the next few hours were spent furnishing. including a hilarious struggle of trying to get my bed into my "bedroom". it was like trying to figure out a rubik's cube and i swear to god at one point i had both my mattress and my box spring shoved in the doorway. i started sweating and panting because i thought for sure i was going to be stuck in there forever. (ladies, it was similar to the 'ring stuck sweats' but scarier but it was my whole bod.) but i did it. also, ridiculous space. --->

Garret left for the west coast so Nate and i were flying solo for dinner. i met him at his Quirky office and we headed over to the West Village for eats. we went to Cowgirl (Hall of Fame) which was kitschy and fun. we started out with Frito Pie a bag of Fritos® topped with your choice of beef brisket or veggie chili, cheddar, onions, sour cream and jalapeƱos. i mean, c'mon. what do i really have to say about this? was it sophisticated? no. was it awesome paired with a margarita? yes. easily the highlight. i got mac and cheese and Nate got pork chops. we walked around the West Village which is preeeeettyy nice, you guys. not too shabby at all.....ahem. then we ended up at this secret basement bar (lounge?) called Baddies. the description on the link describes it pretty well. it was so dark and loud and the decor was so. weird/cool/a little bit like HIM...Bam Margera woulda loved it. (so would nikki)

onward to go say hi to Rob at The Standard Biergarten which was packed so we waved hello to Rob and moved on. btw, the Meat Packing District is INSANE. i looked decent that evening- not my most glamorous get up, but certainly not frump-town and good GOD did i feel like a 7th grader in crowd of ubber hip college students (excluding UCSB class of 2007. turns out we looked kinda bunk for 4 years...who knew!?) i was eager to get back to our neighborhood. i needed to shake that 'grandma at a Daft Punk concert' feeling off of me (excluding my grandma, of course. she'd love DP). we went to some other bar (i dont know you guys there are so many places. this one wasn't all that memorable...) next was Niagra where we danced to Uptown Girl, Got My Mind Set on You and other 80s hits. it was cheesy in the exact right way after the MPI (meat packing intimidation) aka, accidentally wandering into the back room at a party you weren't really invited to but came anyway where all the cool/rich kids are being like, hella rich and cool.

good night.

DAY 7: Saturday, June 12th

OMGYG! ONE WEEK IN! (omgyg = oh my god, you guys. that's for you grandma :) )

so the thing about living in New York, (look at me, already with the "the thing about New York"s...) but seriously, time is totally different. you are up really really late and so you wake up really really late and there are so many things to do and see (and stuff to unpack) and hours and hours of shopping at Ikea to do that you forget to eat until its 3. or 5. and you end up eating something super weird because you're starving. like at some weird Irish Pub in Wall St because you took the water taxi back from Ikea and this is where it dropped you off. so you eat at some place like Kilarney Rose because you want to catch the last 3 seconds of the USA v England game and its the closest Irish pub around and you get something like this:
look, this was not a meal to blog about. but i'm trying to prove a point. i'm trying to finish up a 'the thing about living in New York' statement.
it was janx. but we found a couch today. so. A+ for furnishing, C- for eating.

i met up with my old high school chum Jenny Gottstein (who seriously does EVERYTHING in this city in terms of cool jobs and cool living. good grief. she's also really fun and funny and exactly how i remember her- but cooler. we were drama nerds in high school. and fucking proud of it. D, i found me a new MDLFer to talk about it with ad nauseum) annnnnyway. we went to dinner at An Choi and had Vermicelli Bowls mine was Grilled Pork Basil Meatball & Crispy Spring Roll and it was perfect for the warm and muggy weather. i didn't get a picture because we were busy trying to catch up on the last 5 years...

when i got home the couch was built (way to go Nate!) and i started on the coffee table. all of a sudden it was midnight and we were supposed to be going to a party that Jenny invited us to at 12:30! we made it around 1am but it was cool because according to Jenny, "the dancing doesn't even really start until 1..." this place is nuts. parties starting at 1?! but! but the bars close at 2! no. no they do not. so this party. it was at a dim sum restaurant in this shopping mall under the Manhattan Bridge. a totally unassuming building and then a fucking AWESOME party inside. babes everywhere. we stayed for a few hours and then left semi early (ya know, like 3:45am...!??!) so that we could get a slice of THE PIZZA. (remember? life changing??) just as epic as i remembered...

DAY 8: Sunday, June 13th

again with the waking-up-late-and-forgetting-to-eat. this behavior is not conducive for someone who is writing about the stuff that she eats. at places.

today i:

- went to hardware store to get stuff for nesting
- tried to go to Katz but quickly realized that Sundays are the worst day to do that...(see, i TRIED to eat early!)
- put up a mirror, complete with "shit!"'s and "what the!? why isn't this working!!!???"'s and "are you SERIOUS?! i used the level! how is it still crooked?!"'s. sigh. im worried about putting up the shelves.
- ate Two Boots pizza again
- bought groceries and dinner for Nate and me: Orcchiette with Spicy Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe
- watched True Blood

i did do one blog-worthy thing. after dinner Nate and i went to Milk Bar which is the dessert place of Momofuku. i got Cereal Milk Soft Serve with fudge sauce and cornflake crunch. it was so weird. it was good, but so weird. because seriously the soft serve tasted just like the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal. sweet and kinda salty and a little bit like corn? i dont know how they did it, but they nailed it. i plan on scouring the internet to find out what exactly they do to make it taste like that.there were all kinds of other treats i can't wait to try because of how weird this first one was! also, the place just look so cool. this is the neon sign in the window that says "milk" so cool! (nikki, you should get this sign and put it in your window...)

welp. thats it. i realized that i dont necessarily have to post about EVERYTHING i eat EVERY day. but i kind of want to see if i can. plus, this is like having a diary. and i really want to have a diary of my first year in NYC

(if i make it that long!! i'm still joblessssssssssssss!!!))



  1. Do you think Milk will be Milk's favorite thing to eat when she visits her Cheese Hair in NYC?! I'd SAY SO! Keep 'em coming Lindz! And don't hesitate to write about all you eat, because I LOVE reading about!! xoxo!

  2. Good at ya mate! I'm totally enjoying your blog. keep it up and keep finding wonderful places to eat!

  3. OMG! Hey, your grandma ain't the only one that needs a little translating!
    Keep this up chica. I love it and can't wait to visit you in NYC!