Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm lazy; here's a preview

im feeling uninspired, blog-wise. which is really unfortunate because i have lots to say and show. so here is just a preview until i can really sit down and do it:


what? really? more pasta!? yes. more. all last week i was FUNemployed. meaning i had days before my new job started so what better way to celebrate and pass that time than by making fresh pasta!?

2.) HATS
i spent a lot of time this week with a great group of people, one of whom is a hat maker. beautiful hats.

3) JOB!!!
yeah, i got one. no big deal. and its a reallllllly cool one...!!! customer support for a very popular, invite only, luxury fashion online retail store. feeeeeelin' good my friends! job starts tomorrow so thats part of the reason i'm not blogging- gotta get my z's!

i will elaborate on all of these things more when i get a moment. sorry i'm being lazy.
wish me luck on my first day of work tomorrow!!!



  1. Congratulations and btw I really love your blog and I am so happy for you.