Tuesday, July 6, 2010

L's4WLNYC: part 3- Where Brooklyn At?!

ooowheeeeee what a weekend! nipple tassels, (or pasties as the pros call them) a Hip Hop dance party and Happy Birthday America in Brooklyn...

Lindsey's 4th Week Living in NYC (L's4WLNYC)
Part 3: Where Brooklyn AT?!

by the way, i forgot to tell you guys that after i made pasta on Friday night we went to The Jane Hotel (which is reallllllllllly cool and Nate's new favorite bar) and then over the The Standard to say what up to Rob and then Garret and i got SBP and drunkenly yapped at each other, "the thing about-ing" all the way home.

SATURDAY, July 3rd

so despite the late night elixir that Rob fed us, (some crazy whiskey and Fernet concoction) i was up at 11 and wanting to wander around. and so while G and N slept in, i went out and about.

first to Ninth St. Espresso, a place i've been meaning to try on the recommendation of Man Seeking Coffee. (thanks to Luigi for giving me the website!) finally felt at home in terms of sf standards coffee houses. (sorry NYC, you have literally everything else and more except for an abundance of great coffee places at every corner) as it's a zillion degrees i'm drinking nothing but iced coffee these days. i was also fond of the way they handled the Internet issue...

and then i wandered around. and around and around and it was just peachy! all my by myself. i got a sandwich at our local gourmet grocery store, Gracefully but only ate half because good god look at it. i would have gotten meat sweats had i finished it all...

met up with Jenny, her mom Meg and others at Le Poisson Rouge to see Rosie 151 in Strip Search 2010 to be a representative for the 2010 Toronto Burlesque festival. Rosie 151 (aka Sarah Rose) is the older sister of another high school chum, Caitie Grillo and lemme tell you...after not seeing her for maybe 10 years, it was GREAT to see her donning nipple tassels, a red wig and a thong!( but seriously, she was easily the best one that night and she was robbbbbbbbed of the title.)
burlesque!!! what fun!!

here's a video of her doing her thing at The Slipper Room in May.
Rosie 151!!! Hot! Intoxicating! 151 Proof!! yeeeowww!

onward to SouthPaw in Park Slope with Jenny for the 8th anniversary of The Rub, a dj set that is easily the best hip hop to dance to ever. good LORD!! Garret came to meet us and we D.A.N.C.E.D. hard.

(i wish i had been wearing less clothing because it was hot (and hawt) up in there and my khaki trousers were no good.)

SUCH good time. plus it's just really cool to be in a bar dancing to hip hop and shouting along with the DJ "Where Brooklyn at!? Where Brooklyn at?!" and ya know actually being in Brooklyn. also, since the bathrooms had such low lighting, Jenny and I did a Jenny & Lindsey Bathroom shot by the Foosball table instead.

SUNDAY, July 4th

what better way to start a 4th of July celebration than with dawgs? after a leisurely morning we headed back over to Brooklyn for some BBQs but stopped at Crif Dogs first. i had a Bacon-Wrapped Crif Dog with sauerkraut, mustard and jalapenos. BEST bacon-wrapped dog i've ever had. those karts in the Mission aint nothin' compared to this one. if i'm eating a bacon-wrapped treat, i want my bacon to be crispy and that is a challenge for the kart guys. not for Crif.

our first Brooklyn stop was in Williamsburg to say hello to like...everyone i went to college with!! seriously it was kind of nuts. 90% of the people at this BBQ of maybe 15 i went to college with. including my friend Brett Helms. the same week i sprained my foot, Brett got into a gnarly bike accident where he punctured his knee cap to point where it was like...falling OFF or something crazy like that. he was in the ICU for a few days and is now in a full leg cast for the rest of the summer and more. poor brett....he was in high spirits though, drinking sangria out of a bowl and playing the part of an injured war vet. im planning on bringing him a goodie basket on a visit this week. yikes.

our next BBBQ (Brooklyn BBQ) was back to Rob and Andrew's house in Bushwick. after the scorching sun and beer all day i was kind of wiped out.

PLUS...i was sad and missing my SF friends really badly. while we had fun, on holidays like the 4th of July all i want to do is hang with my people and eat and drink. make some kind of awesome pasta salad and margaritas....sigh. so i was ready to go home and mope about it. Garret came with and we got some ice cream and watched The Sure Thing and went to bed.

i even missed the fireworks.

i'm anticipating mopier, sadder days (especially once it gets cold). BUT one mopey day thrown in with a month of awesome days isn't so bad... all in all it was a pretty fun day. here are some pics:

one month in guys! ive heard that you have to live in NYC for 7 years (ive also heard 5 and 10) in order to call yourself a New Yorker. one month in and i'm on my way...

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