Friday, July 9, 2010

tony, tony, tony

i am a woman obsessed.

(well, re-obsessed. )

i just found ALLLLL of the episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on Netflix 'Watch Instantly' and its what ive been doing all week. looking for jobs is boring. and an all-day activity. so it's nice to spice it up with Tony bitching about something in the background!

(plus, if you hadn't heard, NYC is being compared to the depths of hell in terms of heat and humidity. so i stayed directly in front of the AC- only venturing out for food within a 5 block radius)

MONDAY, July 5th

it didn't feel much like a holiday for me. a holiday from what? my job? HA! so i stayed in and
searched and searched and moped and moped and watched Paris, Iceland, New Jersey and Vietnam from season 1. (Iceland is hilarious- he eats the worst food of his life including fermented shark and lamb testicles. hilarious). the boys came home and Garret and i went to Whole Foods and made this pasta salad and got some "rotis chick"and had a lovely, summery meal. (this is the picture from the magazine- i can't take credit for this brilliant food-fotography. i forgot to take one)

TUESDAY, July 6th

guess what i did today???? YES. job hunting!!! (and watched Malaysia, Sicily, Las Vegas, Uzbekistan (another hilarious one), New Zealand, China, Miami, Peru and Osaka) at least today i ventured out to get Bahn Mi from Nickey's (less than a block away and still too far to withstand the heat) but stayed mostly inside. but speaking of holidays....

TODAY was a true holiday! a holiday i could totally get behind! a holiday worth celebrating!!


since it was too f-ing hot to get fried chicken mid-day Garret and i went to Croxley Ales, our neighborhood wing-spot to get wings. (hey they're fried!) and for 5¢! gimmeafreakinbreak! 5¢ wings Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. we'll be back. i hope you all celebrated with buckets, tenders or wings.

by the way, when i watched Osaka Tony ate Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelet type of thing) and Takoyaki (fried squid balls) and it reminded me to try and find the tiny hole-in-the-wall joint that Steph and I found 4 years ago. turns out all i had to do was search 'okonomiyaki, east village and i found it! and made it my mission to eat there asap.


i had a phone interview today so i needed to treat myself to some breakfast. out to Gracefully to pick up the goods...i made Poached Eggs and Toast with goat cheese, lemon and olive oil dressed greens and chives. quite a lovely meal, if i do say so myself. add an iced coffee and i was feeling prepared and relaxed.


either i bombed the interview or the generic email i received stating that my "background and qualifications are not a match for (their) current needs." was the reason i didn't get it. hmm. ok.

no biggie. sigh. no, really its ok. it's really easy to get a job- i'll get one. sigh. i dont even care even at all even. sigh. its cool. siigggghhhhhh.

i walked around and sat in my new favorite place to sit, on the steps of the border of Sarah Roosevelt Park on E Houston. met up with Nate at the Sunshine Cinema and we watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which was great and i totally want to read the books now.

a disappointing day followed by an intense movie put me in a weird place before bed. so, naturally, i needed Tony. i chose Quebec and watched him eat an insane meal of foie gras in every possible way it can be prepared. he refers this meal as his 'waterloo of gluttony'. the following quote about foie is why i love him:

"once you've actually eaten the stuff, enjoyed its soft, unctuous texture, its ethereally unique flavor, any concerns you might have had about daffy or donald eating too much, usually goes right out the window..."

my mom just informed me that starting in 2012, California is banning foie gras. i mean..... i GUESS i get it. but honestly, how much harder is the life of a goose or duck being force-fed for foie than that of a chicken or a cow for consumption??? probably not that much worse. it's a shame. that's all im sayin...

here's a video of the 'waterloo of gluttony'. its crazy. and awesome. but if you are still feeling a little sad for the birds... is a video about how foie is made. it might make you feel worse, it might make you feel better. my opinion is that of, whatever Tony says, goes. (ya know, in terms things like the best place to eat pork, why street food is great, how to remain stick-thin by smoking like a chimney and ya know, animal cruelty)

THURSDAY, July 8th

after days of sitting at home with dirty hair feeling sorry for myself i had had enough. showered, primped, and wearing a dress i went out to Ninth St Espresso with my laptop with a positive attitude.

wow, it's that easy?! i got TWO calls from two different places i had applied to weeeeeeeks ago! yeeeeeeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww! interview tomorrow at 9:30. what to do?! well, first things first- lunch. and i had a place to go...

4 years ago, (also the last time i was in nyc) Stephanie and i came on here on our way to Europe. we wandered around, got lost, got hair cuts, and then found this GEM in the east village. Otafuku is a whole in the wall serving maybe 4 items including okonomiyaki and takoyaki. i had tried okonomiyaki with Junko, our Japanese exchange lady (she was like 25 so she wasn't really a student) and Stephanie, being the little Hapa Princess that she is was no stranger to it as well. we were stoked. and ate it on a stoop across the street. look how young and sweet we were!

naturally i wanted to re-create the entire scene when i came back today. and so i did! same dress, same stoop (although it looks like it might not have been the EXACTLY same stoop or the stoop has had some damage over the years) and close-enough to the same order. Okonomiyaki with pork and Takoyaki, squid. AND it was around this exact time of year! one week earlier, 4 years ago. unfortunately, it wasn't as good as i remembered. maybe because it was really hot and i was uncomfortable. maybe it was the whole experience in nyc with Steph that was so great. it was still fun to relive it though. i just wish she was there too!! (miss you SP!)

after, i went out and got me some interview outfits and then met up with Pete, best friends with my aunt Jill (and fellow blogger-check out hers here) from college and now a member of our family. Pete is who we alllllllll stay with when we come to NYC (including me and Steph) so "his" New York on the Upper West Side, up until recently is the only NYC i knew. we met in Midtown and had Margaritas and sent text messages to Jill in an attempt to lure her out here asap.

saucy from tequila and anxious about my interview, i went to bed at like 10pm.

oooh i bet you are just on the edge of your seats to see how it went! you'll have to wait. but it will be worth it because it will include a food extravaganza that i'm currently paying for...



  1. Hey, sweetie: Your lover, Tony Bourdain, has just written a new book, "Medium Raw" (which of course, I am devouring!) and in support of the book he gave a wonderful interview on NPR about 10 days ago. I think it was on Talk of the Nation. Anyway, you should def get online to and check it out, he was hilarious and totally mean to Queen Alice Waters...


    p.s. I have all 3 of the Lisbeth Salander books if you want me to ship them to yall...

  2. Have you seen the Spain one yet?! It's crazy good. Mmmmmm. I've only caught a few of his episodes, but they're great.

    Good luck on your interviews!